28 May 2009

Off to JCK in Las Vegas

This past month has been an unusually busy one in terms of travel (Munich, NYC, and now Las Vegas). I fear that with so much time spent packing, settling in, and unpacking, my creative juices have been slightly jostled; I am hopeful that being in the sun will provide for a quick rebound!

In a few hours, I will be boarding my flight to the city that arose from humble desert origins, Las Vegas, to attend the JCK Show & Conference. The show is synonymous with the intersection of luxury jewelry and design, and despite the gilded location for the venue (the Venetian), I will be focusing in on the two days of conferences that leaders within the industry will be chairing, as well as spending some time with my friend, Mani, whose company will be showcasing their newly expanded silver collection. I hope this unique experience will allow me to gain more informational insight on the luxury market as well as provide an opportunity to locate some uniquely faceted stones for my upcoming autumnal collection.

Whilst I am away, here are a few venues of interest for those of you in/visiting Chicago, Munich and New York:
  • The new, highly anticipated Modern Wing of Chicago's Art Institute is unveiled this month.
  • Brandhorst Museum in Munich opens! The state-funded museum contains the modern and contemporary art collection of Udo and Annette Brandhorst, which now comprises more than 700 artworks, including 60 paintings, sculptures, and drawings by Cy Twombly, a range of works by Warhol, and examples from Beuys, Polke, Baselitz, Richter, Malevich, Schwitters, Nauman, Hirst, and Basquiat, among others. The Brandhorsts also own 112 original editions of books illustrated by Picasso.
  • Sit, relax, and be inspired by nature at the New York Botanical Garden.

01 May 2009

Hello & guten tag!

Greetings from my werkstatt in Munich, Germany!

Blogging is a completely new experience for me and I hope you, the reader, will find the snippets and tidbits exemplary of how traditional values of fine craftsmanship – which may be defined as the marriage of expertise and pleasure in making things – fit within my larger scheme of jewelry design and craft.

I look forward to sharing ideas, inspirations, photographs, thoughts, and comments from my native home base in Chicago, my atelier in Munich, as well as from a lofty industrial work space I share with several other talented goldsmiths in New York City.