13 January 2010

Haiti Earthquake Benefit...

The images released following the earthquake which shook the island nation of Haiti on Tuesday, displayed the might of nature's fury coupled with the strength of a country rich with history, culture, and resiliency. It became more so touchingly personal when we found out the following morning that a beloved aunt and uncle of our friend, Maggy, were tragically killed.

As a 20+ year Red Cross volunteer who has helped provide aid to communities and peoples in need following natural disasters here and abroad, I hope this post will summon the compassion of an individual to consider the 22K gold, micro-pave diamonds and tourmaline drop earrings I am donating in the memory of Carmel and Cavour. All proceeds (retails at $5100) will be directed to the American Red Cross efforts in Haiti.

Please contact my studios for further details.

In memory of Cavour & Carmel