16 October 2010

Milano Design Weekend

Milano's charisma lies in a glamour founded on restraint, on the exquisite tension between sensual pleasure and rigorous decorum. It is with that vision in mind I had the opportunity to showcase an edgier, and perhaps darker side, of Atelier Linde Lim at Milano Design Weekend competition, which opened on Thursday.

I am humbly honoured to have two of the submitted designs place in the finals. The news only added to the upbeat welcoming of autumn in Italy where I am accompanied by my husband and infant twins. All four of us continue to delight ourselves in striking Italian design shopping (namely exquisite handmade children's paraphernalia!), as well as share in the numerous gastronomical delights found off the beaten paths of Milano!

I look forward to providing further updates on the grand opening of the school in a few weeks, as well as sharing more projects from the Chicago studio.