01 May 2011

Languid days, sultry nights

Summer moves to its own relaxed beat: easy and sensual. And as the weather warms, sounds of joyous celebrations and wedding bells are faintly heard in the distance...

Of recent, I had the great honour and pleasure of designing and fabricating a custom engagement ring for our beloved friend, Chandra, who happens to be my best friend's former girlfriend (all are on wonderful terms!). Her taste leans towards the conservative, and she wanted a ring that was modest, low-profiled, as she is a pediatrician, yet at the same time, unique with a few curves. Her soon to be fiance, Andrew, wanted a beautiful center stone that was not masked by other flourishes.

I am attaching the gouache drawing of the design we all settled upon. Andrew was so excited about the proposal that I did not have an opportunity to have the final ring professionally photographed before having it couriered out! I also am updating a photo of the lovely couple on their wedding day held amidst the scenic mountains near Los Gatos, California. The image is compliments of Encarnacion Photography.

In celebration of the nuptial season, here are a few other projects that have been in the works... ranging from a unique two-loop ring (called the "Chicago Loop"), traditional eternity rings for three special brides in June, a dark and striking cocktail ring for a future mother-in-law who has a penchant for quartz, a delicate series of petite sapphire nugget engagement rings paired to an avid rock climber, and a pair of star burst earrings for a special maid of honour.