15 December 2012


I had a post to share today, but today is not the day.  Like many of you, the unimaginable events that took place in Sandy Hook, CT as well as the recent NYC subway accident have left me heartbroken. No words, no gifts, nor acts of service will ever remove their pain, but I would like to expres to those affected - the parents and families in particular - that each of you are in our evening prayers.  

To honour the memory of so many who needlessly lost their lives on Friday in Connecticut, and the New York father who was tragically thrown in the path of a subway train the previous week,  I am choosing to be quiet.   

01 December 2012

Winter 2012...

Another holiday season is upon us and 2012 brought with it a whirlwind of both joys and sorrows  to Atelier Linde Lim.  

In the late summer, we welcomed a new baby to our growing family, said a final farewell to a dear friend and frequent studio visitor, Claude 
Fouché, tried to salvage as much workshop equipment as possible in our New York City metals studio prior to Superstorm Sandy's impatient arrival, and were grateful for the exciting commissions that beckoned our attention for the holiday season.  

The following are a sampling of what was created for commissions this month in the studio, just in the nick of time to be wrapped and given away to special recipients...  Wishing everyone a health and joy-filled season.

01 October 2012

Another arrival to the studio tree...

It is with great pleasure I introduce our newest member of the Linde Lim Studio, our recently arrived third son, Cassian!

The summer was a blur with more projects than we anticipated... I will be updating this blog at the end of December with highlighted works from this summer's wedding season as several commissioned pieces were created for close friends!

Until then, the studios in Chicago, NYC, and Munich will remain closed until 01 Decembers so that I may spend time with my growing family before diving into holiday and new year commissions!  Until soon...

Photo credit: Dan Merlo Photography

01 March 2012

Au revoir my dear friend...

In loving memory of Claude H. Fouché

Grief has a way of creeping into all facets of our lives... We recently lost our beloved friend, Claude, to cancer. In honour of many shared times and happy memories, this piece represents the architecture and designs that moved and inspired him.

01 February 2012

Etruscan Design Roots

February is typically known as cupid's month where love is celebrated in food and through gestures of affection. For this 18K gold mesh necklace, I drew inspiration from my beloved high school history teacher, Catherine Deans-Barrett.

In my formative adolescent years, she provided me hours of patient mentorship which later blossomed into a deep friendship that has withstood the test of time and distance. I fondly recall the moments we roamed the displays at Chicago's Art Institute alongside the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute, as well as the many hours she spent teaching me the Etruscan language, history, and culture.

This necklaces pays tribute to Catherine's classical style, generous heart, as well as the design forms often found in Etruscan art. I deeply thank her for the two decades of friendship, support, and her willingness to be a Guardian to one of our twin sons.