01 February 2012

Etruscan Design Roots

February is typically known as cupid's month where love is celebrated in food and through gestures of affection. For this 18K gold mesh necklace, I drew inspiration from my beloved high school history teacher, Catherine Deans-Barrett.

In my formative adolescent years, she provided me hours of patient mentorship which later blossomed into a deep friendship that has withstood the test of time and distance. I fondly recall the moments we roamed the displays at Chicago's Art Institute alongside the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute, as well as the many hours she spent teaching me the Etruscan language, history, and culture.

This necklaces pays tribute to Catherine's classical style, generous heart, as well as the design forms often found in Etruscan art. I deeply thank her for the two decades of friendship, support, and her willingness to be a Guardian to one of our twin sons.