01 March 2013

The boundaries of jewelry at Munich's Internationale Handwerkmesse...

This month we are humbled and ecstatic to be invited to participate in the design competition at Internationale Handwerkmesse in Munich, GermanyI was also asked to give a presentation on where the boundaries of jewelry lie and what aesthetic potential the field affords!

For this uniquely exciting opportunity, I chose to design a piece out of 20K white and yellow golds that symbolises how jewelry, more than most other disciplines in the visual arts, is characterized by social and psychological utility.  The personal uses to which adornment is put suggests an aesthetic possibility that few observers have noticed: its ability to touch people.  

And that is the great potential of jewelry!  By the very nature of the form, it literally touches people.  It is worn: a person can feel the piece on their skin. But more importantly, a person has the opportunity to sense the goldsmith's empathy and compassion whilst creating the piece... Jewelry can in fact be a benevolent act.