24 November 2014

2014: a year in review

Now is the time of the year that plans for 2015 are being put into place. Before the calendar changes, I wanted to go back and share some of the notable moments of 2014, both business and personal...

The early part of this year brought with it notable personal changes that directly impacted linde lim designs... the late-pregnancy loss of our baby girl, and the very abrupt passing of my dear and design-talented friend, Alan "Woodie" Anfinson. 

Their losses prompted me to take a respite from the blog so that I could refocus on the remaining students at Metalwerkstatt as well as my private label clients. 

It was to my great surprise in the summer to receive design collaboration invitations to two innovative fashion houses: Galleries Lafayette (Paris) and Illums Bolighus (Copenhagen).  Before I knew it, our three boys and I were packing our bags and excited for a summer in new urban landscapes and challenging design paradigms.

Speaking of designs, below are a few examples from the private label pieces as well as the designs inspired while working in Paris and Copenhagen...

I hope you enjoy them as much as they helped lift me out of the sadness from earlier this year.  

Wishing you a brilliant year in 2015!

sketches of a collection  

a finished collection
a sketch...
production piece
copenhagen inspired
paris inspired