16 February 2015

Pro Bono Jeweler

A favourite metalsmith of mine, Gabriel Craig, has been revisiting the notion of the world of craft and the handmade and how it fits into our contemporary life. 

I was delighted to hear him talk last week at a seminar held at Parson's.   Love the idea!  I often receive some very strange questions about how my work is made, and it is true that in our modern society the connection to hand work has been lost to the point that many cannot even fathom how pieces of metal are alloyed, formed into sheet and wire, manipulated into various shapes, joined by heat, and finished through texture or polishing.  A thousand bravos to you, Gabriel!

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse the latest open-ended commissioned pieces from this first quarter of 2015.  These types of commissions grant me full artistic freedom stemming from the design trickling all the way to the type of metal / gemstones.  So much of these designs were inspired by what my children have been learning in their creative and loving preschool classrooms at Akiba-Schechter.  Tristan often comes home informing me of the animals and colours of the Arctic landscape;  Armand constantly provides me much insight on the newest facts on the colours, shapes, textures and temperatures of planets in our solar system (Pluto is no longer a planet!  Old news to the rest of the word, but new to me!); little Cassian is learning his colours.  He was my official assistant in selecting all of the gemstone combinations for all these creations!

On the project docket for March, I am honoured to create a piece for a school that has brought my children so much joy and instilled a deep love of learning - Akiba-Schechter. Below is a sketch of a Star of David necklace pendant I am currently working on for their fundraising event's silent auction.... After weeks of design deliberations with my boys, we decided upon a three dimensional architectural version of the star.

Please enjoy and wishing for spring's swift arrival!