04 April 2017

Jewelry through human history

I used to say that jewelry was invented at the same time that we were learning how to master the use of fire, but with this recent discovery of eagle talons that had been clearly manipulated in order to be worn as jewelry, the time frame for this particular invention got pushed back 100,000 years to 180,000. You can go read more about this discovery in Smithsonian Magazine.

What does that say about our current culture of trendy pieces and DeBeers pushing diamond jewelry as a prize for the obedient wife? To me, it strips this primal human urge and we completely miss that potential charge.  The guys, for the most part, get left out of the fun of adornment. 

The more I think about this history and purpose of jewelry, the more I am asked to make pieces that connect with our past, whether through wolf teeth (please refer to the January 2016 post in memory of Nancy Abelmann) or gold.  Pieces intended to beautify, yes, but also true talismans.  Giving energy to the wearer, reflecting their life, their potential.  Below are two commissioned pieces utilising stones passed down from two different families for the next generation.  

02 January 2017

Humbled in a New Year

It has been an exciting 11 years since the founding of Atelier Linde Lim, and what an incredible ride!  As I reflect back on the time, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for joining me on this inspiring journey, and all of the individuals that helped me along the way: my father, Catherine Deans-Barrett, Claude Fouché, Alan Anfinson, Eddie Foley, Rico Hernandes de la Vega, Regina Sneor, Axel Sandstrøm and Tanguy Seiwert. 

I feel blessed to have such an engaged and thriving community that grows each day.  Many of you have been with me since day one, and it is your support that allows me to continue creating and being inspired by the organic and architectural world around me.

Fortunately, I found a business sponsor along the way who shares my passion; I would like to humbly thank Mercedes-Benz / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for all that they have done in the last 7 years, and what they continue to offer my studio.  This has been a circuitous route for me; 56 years before, this same German company offered my father, a young graduate student from Technische Universität Berlin, a position to be their new diesel truck engineer.  This provided an unprecedented opportunity to an orphan from the Sino-Japanese War, a space and place to create, design and build with a unique vision.  My father and I walked a more traditional path early in our academic trajectories, but our inspiration to collaborate with other talented designers and artists comes from a very deep, passionate and fierce intent to save and protect individual creativity, with the assistance of unique programs from companies like Mercedes-Benz. 

I am often asked why I remain so passionate about protecting creativity. The answer is simple: designers and artisans represent a group of people who break the mold. We often go against the grain to create objects that aim to bring joy and new ideas to the physical world.  We believe and fight for intellectual freedom and balance in a world that is so often off-kilter.  I remain in awe and truly humbled by those creative forces that work around and with me. 

Atelier Linde Lim is still growing and learning (I do not plan on stopping!). Thank you again for joining me on this journey as Atelier Linde Lim continues to morph to shift design paradigms.  

With love and humbled thanks,
Sieglinde "Linde" Lim
Founder / Goldsmith / Principal Designer