04 April 2017

Jewelry through human history

I used to say that jewelry was invented at the same time that we were learning how to master the use of fire, but with this recent discovery of eagle talons that had been clearly manipulated in order to be worn as jewelry, the time frame for this particular invention got pushed back 100,000 years to 180,000. You can go read more about this discovery in Smithsonian Magazine.

What does that say about our current culture of trendy pieces and DeBeers pushing diamond jewelry as a prize for the obedient wife? To me, it strips this primal human urge and we completely miss that potential charge.  The guys, for the most part, get left out of the fun of adornment. 

The more I think about this history and purpose of jewelry, the more I am asked to make pieces that connect with our past, whether through wolf teeth (please refer to the January 2016 post in memory of Nancy Abelmann) or gold.  Pieces intended to beautify, yes, but also true talismans.  Giving energy to the wearer, reflecting their life, their potential.  Below are two commissioned pieces utilising stones passed down from two different families for the next generation.